You will notice on a few items, and probably many, that there is a back story button. It will give an accounting of the event, moment, the situation that occurred to influence my life in most emotionally relevant way, a feeling within, that led me to embrace, or reject, these sayings, musing, and other items of interest! And what impact it had, and has upon what is my life what is was… and is yet to be… thus convincing me to humbly share with the universe!

If I do not give proper due or credit to others to any of the sayings, musing, and other items of interest I relay here…please help me out! When I know who…I will properly do so…I have heard and read so many good things that helped me out! Not only in recovery, church, everyday life, and of course the internet that I mix things up and/or rewording gets involved! Thank you!

Please email your corrections here.