The Pour Over

My 1st venture into home brewing as it probably is with most. Tons of products to choose from and it still is to this day a nice ritual to make a good cup of coffee! Just taking the time to set up the dripper with a washed paper filter, weight and grind the beans, giving them a deep inhale to get the aroma in your brain, wait a bit on the kettle, watch the grounds bloom, do your pours, trying to end right on the mark to that day’s recipe, a quick swirl before the end and watching the draw down to see how flat of bed you have achieved! A quick clean up and then the 1st taste of the wake-up brew! Taking the time for doing a pour over puts me into that glad I took a few minutes for myself! Our days are busy, and I tend to want to get right too it…I’m glad I’ve been able to incorporate taking the time for a pour over…it reminds me to slow down and plan a bit, reflect a bit, pray a bit, and a bunch of other bits that helps me start my day on a different set of terms then just…
Right now, I’m doing smaller cups then I used too as I have many varieties of beans going on at every given moment (see my roasting section for details!) So, it’s a 15gram dose, dumped into the fellows Ode grinder…sometimes ill use the Fellows Shimmy for the fines removal…drop the grinds in the hario V-60 Dripper ,stand and scale…give it a shake to flatten, poke the middle with my finger…or if im feeling it do the chop stick thing to make the divot! @ 45 gram bloom with a healthy swirl for about 30 secs …3 pours to bring to it 250 with a little bit of wait between each one…a swirl after the last one and wa-la I have coffee…in 3 minutes or so!