Every photographer needs to have a portfolio! I’ve chosen to break it up with a few categories which I like to do…

I’m sure they will change and get moved around a bit and expanded as I improve my editing skills!

Getting the “eye” to make your own photos stand out among the crowd is one that comes with experience. My journey has barely started and I’m still learning to apply the skills that I’ve learned by paper and theory, to develop a second nature in how i see the world and enhance my ability to be creative!

One photographer friend with years and years of experience has always said to me if you like it, that’s all that counts! Don’t be over critical of what you think is good…just take the pictures and your style will come! Well, I now have the time to do just that! I’ve never shared any of my photos as I always thought that they could be better or that they were run of the mill stuff! Which is exactly where every photographer started! I am just going to start having fun!