Here’s Jonny!

Hello everyone!

Just a few thoughts to get things rolling.

My website is an ambition of mine to share my strengths, hopes and dreams, as well as my short comings, my mistakes, and life trials that I have experienced, what I have done and how it has affected who I am today…what I have become from what I was. Moving forward to becoming a better man as I travel into the future!

Lessons learned and lessons to be learned! Sorting out my issues and regrets, taking reasonability for my actions, knowing the value of forgiveness and the deadly harm that harboring resentments can bring…

Using photography as a tool to express my thoughts and emotions, and to see the beauty of life in the simplest of things and share them with others…I love the written word and always have aspired to express myself and be able to tell a story that can make others reflect, laugh, or connect in some way to what I have given thought too! It is my hope to be able to combine the two as I stroll, run, skip, hop, jump, or roll forward to name but a few or the meaning which I hope to propel myself forward as I wind down my life and strive to enjoy these final years!

More to come!