The Clever Dripper

It took me a bit to get the immersion version of a pour over as I was trying to perfect my V-60 technique… bought the Clever dripper when I was visiting a new coffee shop opening in Buena Park, CA saw the grand opening sign while driving on Beach Blvd… made a hard right then another down the alley to park behind the shop! Hardly ever pass up a chance to stop at a new coffee place that has Now Open, Beans and Roasters on the signage…
Pacific Beans & Coffee if you are in the area stop by and enjoy a cup or buy some beans freshly roasted or green! Run by mom, pop & son is what I have gathered…all very nice people that I enjoy doing business with…more on them and their shop on this post!
With my purchases in hand I followed up with the Clever the next morning with some 7 day old Ethiopian I had also purchased…
Expecting a cross between a French Press and a V-60 I was pleasantly surprised to find it had a taste all its own, at least in my case! I now do a bit different technique than when I first started and I’m sure I’ll play around a bit more…
20 grams of fine (not too) to medium grind (just a bit)
Rinsed filter paper (I’m using the white Melita # 4 now but I think the filters that came with the Clever produced a better cup but they could very well be the same filter I have done the research as of yet!)
Pour into the Clever about 175 grams of full temp water (212°)wait a few seconds and dump in the grounds give a mighty stirring to get all the grounds a brewing (I use a small plastic paddle I got from one of my many cooking gadgets) start the timer…top off with water to bring it to your brew ratio you are wanting to try ( I go to 300 grams on the first go around with new beans) at the 2 minute mark, stir a bit, to settle the crust, give a swirl or two and set on your cup on a decanter for the draw-down…if it goes longer than a minute or so ill grind a bit coarser for the following cup(s)!!!
Now I’ve gotten phone calls or a text during my coffee ritual(s) Hate when that happens! Before I know it as many as 5 minutes has past and still had a pretty good cup…mostly do the bean variety I would guess…but for my taste and the lighter roasts that I prefer 2-2-7 day old 1/2 minutes or so seems to hit the sweet spot!
This little bit of earlier morning coffee ballet has been my Go Too right out the gate for a couple of months now and is the second cup also if my schedule won’t allow me to flip on the espresso machine for warm up and go for a dial in or already have dialed in and want a tasty shot, long black, or an americano …I always seem to have some new beans that I have just roasted or have set just long enough to brew at just the most delicious! Ohhh I haven’t mentioned that I Roast?
Check out this link if you would care to see what I have going on and how being a coffee nerd is a never-ending exploration into discovering how much coffee fun there can be!
By the way…my Hario Switch has arrived! More fun!!!!