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Mentally Preparing for a New Lifestyle

Join Jonny in this heartfelt update to our previous introductory video as he shares his insights on mentally preparing for a new lifestyle and embracing change. From retirement projects like the van build and yoga to his passion for photography and journey of recovery spanning 20 years, Jonny opens up about who he is as a person. Discover how to navigate life’s transitions with resilience and authenticity.

Rolling into Retirement: The Solar Puzzle

Follow Jonny’s raw journey as he sets up the solar system in his van, sharing experiences and tips. #solarinstallation #vanbuild #DIYsolar #solarsystem #retirement

Rolling into Retirement: Solar Rack Installation

Dive into the world of solar energy with Jonny as he embarks on the exciting journey of setting up his solar system. In this episode, witness the meticulous installation of Jonny’s solar rack, a crucial step towards harnessing renewable energy on the road.

The Transition Phase #retirement

Start of The Teardown and Unknown Discoveries!

Join our van build adventure on Jonny’s Photos! Discover the journey from stripping down to rebuilding the cornerstone of Jonny’s retirement dream!

My Van Life Adventure Begins in Colorado!

What We’re Doing Here: An Introduction