Who I Am: A future conversation starter to the one who wants to put up with me!

Discover insights on maintaining standards, setting boundaries, and fostering understanding in the face of differing beliefs and limitations.

A future conversation starter to the one who wants to put up with me!

The importance of getting our differences discovered and exposed should not be underrated, as to keep moving forward together toward a common goal of understanding each other’s needs and insecurities … and how we can accept and fill them for each other…I pray that no issues or concepts arise between us…that prove to be non-solvable… can we make them livable and as least partially understood by one another, and really agree to disagree as needed? As to not interfere with all the things and feelings that we do share in common and hope to find!
I am happy with my life and who I am today…I believe I can become a better man by maintaining the standards I have set for myself and having boundaries on what is not acceptable or that I cannot let into my life…my limitations are many…my beliefs are not perfect…my willingness can be challenged, my open-mindedness put to the test, my ego getting in the way of being humble and understanding, but by continuing to develop my character in as many aspects as possible it will help do my best not to compromise…the gains I have made…

Who I Am